Xpress Vehicle Yard

Troubled keeping track of vehicles in your vehicle yard?

Our “Xpress Vehicle Yard” software is the solution.

No more handling heavy paperback registers & pen to input vehicle details, entry and exit time or customer info.

This unique software gives you instant access to every information on your smartphone or other handheld devices.

Access your vehicle operation anywhere with Xpress Vehicle Yard’s unique tracking feature.

Keep hawk-eyed watch on everyday functioning, even in your absence with our software’s advanced GPS & CCTV enabled monitoring system.

Check out our exclusive features :

  • Graphical Yard Dashboard.
  • Graphical Slotting.
  • Organised Stacking Assistance.
  • Space Optimisation.
  • Rotation Methods.
  • Vacant/Occupied Status Update.
  • Stock Inventory.
  • Yard Messaging Dashboard.
  • Off-dock Container Yard.