Your business requires an effective delivery system starting from receiving orders, planning delivery, execution, control, track and trace which gets accomplished with ePOD. Often in traditional delivery systems miscommunication, faults, delays in delivery or inefficient shipment tracking, miscommunication and other problems can cause inevitable backlash in your business.

To curb these complications while maintaining a high degree of performance and customer satisfaction, we’ve developed “Milestone”, the ultimate Last-Mile delivery software.

Grab the power in your own hands with MILESTONE, a mobile app which enables your driver to execute your deliveries. It is a State of Art Mobile app tool which connects with the main back-end Web Application by providing full track and traceability of your shipment. It can seamlessly integrate with any external system and can also work stand-alone without any dependencies.

With our unique Plan-Deliver-Control-Alert (PDCA) cycle, tracking comes with graphically presented milestone stamping.

Plan-Deliver-Control-Alert (PDCA Cycle)

Plan your daily shipments and deliveries

Deliver on time with live milestone stamping

Control your Assets & Driver movement

Alert your customer with Track and Trace of their goods

It is equipped with route and navigational assistance which suggests alternate routes in case of  emergency.

Get the customer’s signature by “signing on glass” as a proof of delivery also integrated directly into the system database.

 Check out our exclusive features :

  • Substitutes the conventional GPS Units
  • Provides accurate location, speed, latitude and longitude
  • Guides in providing Route & Navigational assistance
  • Takes picture of your delivered products at drop points
  • Scans bar-code to cross check accuracy
  • Captures customer’s signature by “Signing on Glass” which is a Proof of Delivery (POD)

Pros of using Milestone :

  • Cost effective Mobile app with centralized Web application.
  • Quickly integrates with any Transport Management System or any Enterprise Software.
  • Eliminates the cost of GPS equipment and its Surcharges with other advanced features.
  • Track and Trace of goods is achieved with High level of accuracy.
  • Replaces a Handheld bar-code scanner.