• TMS: XpresSway RORO for Leschaco

    Freundschaft mit “leschaco

    Founded under the name of Lexzau, Scharbau in Hamburg in 1879 by Wilhelm Lexzau and Julius Scharbau, The German Logistics conglomerate “Leschaco” is a global logistics service provider.

    With over 72 own offices and more than 2,500 employees in more than 22 countries worldwide, Leschaco group is a corporation that needs no familiarization.

    Leschaco Thailand, a part of Anker Leschaco Group Germany is an international freight forwarding company, with focus on an array of niche logistics service products such as :

    • Tank container
    • Project logistics
    • Chemical (Hazmat) consolidation 
    • Transport and automotive logistics solutions. 

    Indispensables : 

    Leschaco Thailand contacted DSAT looking for a centralized interface for its transport management and logistics requirements.

    They needed instantaneous software assistance for their freight forwarding services, requiring a complete revamp of the existing manual systems for data input, record management and order processing.

    Solutions :

    Catering to top Automobile customers in Thailand by providing Vehicle logistics services from the manufacturer or supplier or PDI to the final dealers.

    D-SAT provided an excellent software solution, eliminating various problems faced by Leschaco Thailand with their everyday operations from booking, maintaining and delivering orders to tracking shipment, providing vehicle support, routine maintenance and automated delivery acceptance reports.

    Features :

    Unique features of Xpressway RORO, the one stop solution to all logistics issues of Leschaco Thailand, includes provisions for selecting car carriers according to specialized cargo.

    Types of Car Carriers 

    • Single Car Carrier 
    • 3 Car Carrier 
    • 6 Car Carrier 
    • 7 Car Carrier 
    • 8 Car Carrier 

    Xpressway RORO, the robust web application software handles :

    • Order Management
    • DO Management
    • Cut off Time / Ban Time
    • Pick up / Delivery Planning Consolidations / Deconsolidation Truck / Driver / Helper Planning Route / Load Optimization Delivery / POD / Back Hauling Inspections
    • Damages & Claims
    • Post / Pre Trip documents
    • Trip Sheet & Expenses
    • Invoice & Billing 
    • Integration with SAP (AR) 
    • MIS Reports 

    Dynamic Software which is flexible where all the business logics are controlled by a Control Panel which holds the setting. 

    It is so flexible that in future if the Business scenarios change it can be just controlled by the Control Panel by changing the setting only. 

    Be Future Ready :

    Comes with an inbuilt modulator which can deployed to introduce new features into the existing software platform with a few simple taps on the control panel settings

    Some of the Control Panel Settings are: 

    • Mix & Match within various Brands Exclusivity
    • Curfew / Ban Time
    • Insurance Value 
    • Pick up Location of every Brand Delivery Location
    • Car Loading Factor
    • Cut off Time 
    • Route 

    Results : 

    Increased productivity, reduction in losses, improvement in vehicular performance, easy of work with timely alerts for repair and license renewals, Leschaco group emerged stronger with an enhanced customer satisfaction and skyrocketing business.