Fleet Maintenance System

Maintaining a large fleet of vehicles can be overwhelming!

Chores such as regular checkups, vehicle inspection, keeping a track of fuel efficiency and many others can be cumbersome, not to mention time consuming and physically draining.

Well, no need to bother about babysitting your fleet of vehicles.

Enter Fleetex! your answer to all your fleet management requirements.

From keeping logs of  everyday operations and managing expenses to ensuring timely vehicle maintenance and other services, Fleetex will take care of it.

 Check out our exclusive features of this powerful ‘Fleet Marshal’ software.

  • Alertsand Checks :  Stay updated about orders and maintenance schedules via regular SMSes, e-mail and push notifications.
  • Fuel :Keep your fuel expenses in check with Fleetex’s “fuel intake and consumption log”. Get fuel cost-analysis reports periodically for each vehicle in the system.
  • Work Order : Organise vehicle run schedule and get info about running time, source and destination, operating days in a week and eliminate delays and inefficiency.

Fleetex’s unique dashboard boasts of a graphical work order tool that will summarise all of the information neatly in graphs of your choice.

  • Expert Diagnose :Be ready for problems before they occur!

Fleetex’s knowledge bank contains a rich FAQ resource that answers frequently occurring problems that can be encountered during running.

  • Resource : It is indispensable for the driver to have licenses and other permits renewed before they expire, so as to avoid unnecessary fines and warnings during a delivery. With Fleetex, get routine updates and notifications about renewing permits before they last.
  • Track & Trace : Stay in touch with your vehicle’s current location with integrated GPS features. Now avoid delays and breakdowns with regular updates for vehicular checks and inspection. Also get notified for parts replacement, repairs and other details on your smartphone.
  • Maintenance : Keep your fleet in excellent health with Fleetex’s 3 maintenance modules. Primitive maintenance for cleaning, oiling and other small fixes, Scheduled maintenance for a thorough engine and mechanism checkup in a given time period and lastly preventive maintenance, to avoid breakdowns or a case of emergency.
  • Purchase : Keeping a diary of spares purchased or to be purchased for a massive fleet of vehicles is a job in itself, not to forget a plethora of parts and components for each vehicle. The problem magnifies when you’ve got yourself vehicles of different models and brands.

Well, no need to worry since “Fleetex” comes with an in-built spare parts purchase log book that not only keeps tracks of parts and models but also sends you timely updates for changing spares.

  • Tire : It is quite pronounced for tires to be in good shape throughout their run as they bear the load of vehicles, driverand the crago to be transported. Any fault or diminution in tire performance may not only cause the shipment to be delayed but also cause an increased expense for operation and losses.

With Fleetex comes a graphical tire management tool with position monitoring which gives an illustrative detail about every tire of a fleet with historical details.

  • Supplier : another resourceful tool that comes with “Fleetex” is the vehicle supplier tracker. Now contact the vehicle’s manufacturer, supplier or service provider in seconds for inquiry and other relevant issues.
  • Fleet expenses : calculate total expenses incurred for running a single vehicle for a given period of time. Deduce cost per kilometer traversed, fuel efficiency and other performance yardsticks with Fleetex’s fleet expenses calculator.