COVID -19 and growing trade tensions have made revamping supply chains a more imperative priority for many organizations. In response to Covid -19 operations spent months tracking material shipments manually, trying to map Tier 2, Tier 3 suppliers and shifting production to new locations. These actions do not fix the cracks in the foundation of supply chains and might only blunt the impact of disturbance. The pandemic has pushed technology supply chains to their limit.

For the last 30 years technology firms have wrung out supply chain costs and trimmed as much as possible by disaggregating the various steps of the supply chain, concentrating each step with a limited number of companies and geographies to improve economies of scale by reducing inventory across the journey. This has made technology supply chains extremely efficient in normal economic climate however when disaster strikes they break down. The geographical concentration of production has created single points of failure i.e. dependency on China for motherboards, electronics manufacturing services, on US for semiconductor equipments, CPU, graphic cards.

In order to stay competitive globally and remain on the cutting edge of a complex business world, more companies are incorporating technology into their supply chain systems today. Technology solutions will play a vital role in increasing speed of delivery.

DSAT is a technology company with strong consulting knowledge in logistics domain, provides enterprise solutions for the supply chain markets with a team of professionals across the globe to deliver exclusive solutions for global organizations. DSAT was incorporated to be the key to unlocking supply chain problems with customized solutions.