Xpress Warehouse Management

A lot goes on inside the warehouse.

From handling and registering incoming stocks to allotting a designated storage spot to segregating items into different categories to successfully putting away outbound stocks, a warehouse manager has a lot on their plate.

To do away with all such scenarios while maintaining a high degree of precision in day-to-day commercial activities of your warehouse, we give you “Xpressware” warehouse management system, your one stop software solution to all problems originating inside a warehouse.

Let us look at some of the exciting features of your new warehouse manager.

  • Mobile/Barcode Support : Make quick entries into your digital log book with a simple Barcode Scan and use supplier barcodes during inbound process. Utilise the power of your smartphone/handheld devices to input items into the records.
  • Material Handling Systems facilitates integration with ASRS (Automatic Storage & Retrieval Systems), AVG (automated guided vehicles), conveyors, carouselsand other handling equipment using pre-built integration kits along with open This feature provides seamless integration with simplified cost.
  • Multi Clients : Handle multiple clients requiring mixed/segregated storage.

Allow users to view client information as and when required.

  • Bonded Warehouse Support : Segregate bonded and free stock easily and ship them separately to their destination as per custom laws.

Manage documents, licenses and paper works associated with bonded stocks hassle-free.

  • Receiving and Cross-Docking : XpressWare eWarehouse supports receiving against multiple document types (“PO™s, WO™s, RMA™s, and warehouse transfer requisition). Receive consignments and instantly load them for the next destination without having to store them. Xpressware’s cross-docking feature allows you to handle shipment records and prepare them to be sent away quickly.

Now inbound materials can be routed directly to inventory, staged then put away or cross-docked at receipt, minimising material handling costs.

  • Directed Put-away : With Xpressware’s smart storage allocation, you can find the best place to rest your stock. Just input a set of user configurable business rules and the perfect slot will be shown within seconds. Also increase space utilisation and reduce obsolescence.
  • Outbound Process : Swiftly manoeuvre outbound shipments at the touch of a button.

Get info about stocks to be released, inventory location and initiate picking and packing commands within seconds. Configure workflow for different customers and service levels to optimise shipping process while reducing time and manpower.

  • Directed Picking :XpressWare eWarehouse determines the inventory to allocate to a specific pick task automatically based upon user defined business rules. The associated pick tasks are sequenced and grouped according to the pick methodology. Tasks are then dispatched to the user™s mobile device based upon user-defined rules that match the skills and equipment of the user. This complete process optimizes batch picking, order picking and zone picking.
  • Lot and Serial Control : Capture and validate lot and serial numbers hassle-free.

Manage discrepancies in report and mend packaging errors quickly with Xpressware’s integrated inventory lot/serial.

  • Kitting/Dekitting :Multi-level Bills of Materials can be set up which expand at order line level to support pick-to-order kitting as well as pre-built kits.
  • Cycle Counting/Physical Inventory : Keep an updated list of every item in your warehouse through Cycle Counting and Physical Inventory. Xpressware’s cycle counting tool makes the entire process untangled. Comes with multiple user definable count criteria by item, location, movement frequency, etc. Cycle counts can be performed at individual piece level” different formation.
  • Events and KPIs : Assess the efficiency of your warehouse and business by deploying performance indicators.

Enhance operation effectiveness by configuring with real-time alerts and rule-based notifications of supply chain events. Get info about shipment delays and generate operational and management reports.

Track & Trace : Easily track your consignment with GPS and share information about location and other updates with customers and suppliers.