Off-Shore Services

Take your business beyond regional borders with our off-shore development services.

We manage an efficient and dedicated workforce positioned across many countries around the globe.

Enjoy boosted work efficiency with our international staff. Get a touch of cultural awareness that not only enhances efficient communication because of resources available for local language but also fosters a deep customer client bond.

Our Off-Shore Project Management works in such a way and we ensure that one of our lead project members would be stationed on or near to the customer site. Since we are globally present in most of the time zones, our extended support will be there for all the off-shore projects.

Culture & Standards plays a major role in offshore development.

We are well equipped with different cultures and standards of the world through our past experiences. We also keep track of holidays in different parts of the world to make it simpler for planning.

All our development centers are interconnected with remote connectivity, high speed internet, audio/video conferencing facility, net meetings, e-mails, chats, application sharing tools, FTP & good document repository.

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