It has been a long ride!

D-Sat came into existence in 2004. We had a single objective in mind, to deliver exemplary software support to the ever increasing yet still under tapped world of logistics and transport management in Thailand. We also aimed to provide excellent software assistance and IT consultancy to a varied group of enterprises seeking modern methods to transform their businesses.

Soon we bagged TUV Nord as our first client to implement certification management solutions, whose massive success led to its replication in 9 countries across eastern side of Asia, with headquarters in Thailand.

Time passed and our success bandwagon continued to march ahead, picking up great friends as partners and collaborators. 2006 witnessed our teaming up with Indian logistics Multinational “Four Soft” and since then we are inseparable.

Very soon our group expanded with big names such as “kewill ipacs”. We partnered with oracle systems to incorporate oracle products for our logistics.

While we were growing, we witnessed a large disparity in amount charged for logistics software services and the quality delivered to the customers.

We realised and launched economical software products for everyone to implement.


But you were with us!

Our hard work and attention for quality and detail was rewarded with huge clients such as Yusen logisticsNykToll Logistics and Logistics Giant DHL.

Till now we were primarily based in Thailand but incoming international opportunities pushed us to expand our operations across borders and go Global!

Today we operate in many countries outside Thailand including Malaysia, Saudi Arabia,UAE, Indonesia, US, Brazil, Japan, china and INDIA.

We thank everyone for this beautiful journey!

No plans to rest anytime soon, we pledge to keep soaring high while maintaining our feet on the ground, delivering nothing but the best to our clients.