Toll is a leading integrated logistics provider for more than a century in the Asian Pacific region. They operate an extensive network throughout the region, delivering seamless end-to-end local, regional and global supply chain solutions. They claim to provide comprehensive suite of value-added transport, distribution, warehousing and supply chain solutions.

Business Needs:

TOLL Malaysia: Solution to address heavy haulage transportation within at definite time around the world. These can vary from bulk freight to moving dangerous goods to tonnes of steel slab, hot rolled coil and plate steel products.  

TOLL Thailand: Toll provides various services to its customers like freight, remote & resource logistics, warehouse service, express services including domestic delivery, global delivery and many more. For managing these services a detailed design solution was needed which will not compete or surpass the current system but to compliment it with diversified features.


DSAT proposed its solution which was ideal for addressing heavy haulage transport, planning, tracking and controlling the trips, assigning right vehicle, smooth flow work across departments. DSAT implemented four solutions in seamlessly integrated manner namely Mini TMS, Milestone, Warehouse Management System and Transport management system.


Just in time delivery; High safety and delivery performance; Dramatically reduced delays in shipment; Unambiguous work culture; Centralized data; Better predictions and timely planned actions; Live updates of delivery milestones and many more.