Transport Management System

Transport Management Systems


It becomes quintessential for an entrepreneur in the transport business to solidify a smart work platform that incorporates a planned approach to consignments, an effective system for communication, technological support for surveillance and tracking of shipments and a transparent system for managing finances and revenues.

All this done using obsolete practices such as paper based log books would prove fatal for the business, not to mention impossible for certain must have technological features such as a tracker, essential for peace of mind.

This is where DSAT comes in. We are proud to present two incredible softwares, to assist you in resolving problems related to managing transports proficiently.

Web-based Transport Management system (TMS), XpressWay provides complete track and trace functionality within a supply chain. This product can be interfaced with other third-party applications for Order Management, Financial Accounting, Bar coding, RFID and GPS. A state-of-the-art plan board with a graphical tool for load optimization and a route optimizer makes XpressWay one of a kind. It is a 95% mouse operational interface with very minimal keyboard usage.

Xpressway cargo, crafted to manage small to big shipments, be it regional or international. With happy customers from Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals, auto parts, electricals and electronics and other reputed industries, it has delivered excellence, every time.

Xpressway RoRo, built exclusively for businesses dealing with moving contemporary vehicles (new cars, vans, trucks) which usually require a more gentler handling approach to avoid minute damages, from origin to destination.